As of today, we would like to give a warm welcome the new member of the Piedmont Delights’ team, Elena Maffioli.

A tenacious young woman whose passion and dedication for food & cuisine have helped her to become one of the newest voices in the Italian wine sector.

Here’s a short interview to get to know her better:

1) What’s your name and where are you from?

I’m Elena Maffioli and I’m from Domodossola a little town located in the North of Italy and more specifically in Alto Piemonte.

2) Tell us a few words about yourself

I absolutely love everything related to the world of wine and cuisine.

I graduated in Science and Techniques of Communication – majoring in journalism and new types of media. I graduated as Master Sommelier at Alma at the Gulatiero Marchesi International School of Cuisine with a thesis entitled: “The moment of Vermouth, a timeless rite.”

Now, as a food and wine writer, I have been collaborating for more than one year with Andrea Grignaffini, a famous food and wine critic. I also collaborate with the magazine «Spirito Divino», the guide “I Vini d’Italia de L’Espresso”, the web journal «Passion Gourmet» and a new project called  Eat Ranks.

I Love Vermouth in all its shades and I have recently created an Instagram profile totally dedicated to the rediscovery of the magical world of this full-flavoured wine (@artemisia_vermouth)

3) According to your studies and past experiences, what do you think about Alto Piemonte in terms of Food&Wine?

In terms of food and wine, there are a lot of hidden treasures in this territory to uncover and help others to discover, starting from the wines. Automatically the words of Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour, eminent judge of this territory come to mind, in a letter to the senator Giacomo Giovanetti:

“Thus it has been proved that the Colline Novaresi can compete with the hills of Borgogna and that in order to triumph in the struggle, it is only the manufacturer of the wines along with the rich and elegant gluttons who establish its reputation who are responsible. I would sincerely desire to be able to take part in this oenological crusade.” And so be it! J 

4) Is the E-commerce the right tool to promote this area both in Italy and abroad?

I think that is a powerful way to rediscover this precious territory of Piedmont, also allowing the people who don’t live in the area to be drawn into and attracted by the tastes and the traditions of this marvellous land.

5) Do you think that Piedmont Delights can empower small and local producers in a globalized market?

I feel the project “Piedmont Delights” can give all the small firms and producers in Alto Piemonte the possibility of promoting and making their own products known through a powerful tool such as the web. Above all, it will allow the producers to make use of the competence, determination and enthusiasm of the two youngsters who, like me, would like to enhance and pay tribute to this extraordinary territory.


We are looking forward to start working with Elena on a daily basis and bring to all of you her expertise and knowledge about our land and our products.

Stay tuned