A new place to tell, to describe and to discover.

We decided to give a new light to the blog, to better tell what we are.

It wants to be a story, made of small and large chapters, so, for this reason, it seemed right to give it also a name “from Piedmont, with love” as the postcards from a place that has amazed us and that we share with the dearest people. First of all, this is a journey, always new, through testimonies, photos and stories of this magnificent territory.

“From Piedmont” but more precisely from “Alto Piemonte” stands for an area that wants to be known, admired and envied thanks to its unique landscapes, its magnificent products and inspiring people. to be able to finally give what this territory deserves: Prestige.

“With Love” – We are embarking on this journey pushed by the innate love we have for this region that we live and discover daily, recognizing its enormous qualities

We want to accompany you and at the same time intrigue you. These places and its people will speak for us, food and drinks will seduce you to such an extent as to leave you, like lovers, open-mouthed (or even with butterflies in the stomach).

It could be love at first sight, or maybe it will take time so we will be ready to welcome you and to let you know all that this land has to offer.

Thanks to Elena, you will discover the excellence of the wines of these areas, the history of the producers and much more. With Nikas and Tommaso, you will learn about unexplored (sometimes magical) places, unique and rare food and wine products, but also the curiosities and the strangeness of those who live there.

We will also give space to Cooks, Artisans of excellence, Historians and all those who love this land in all its forms.

So it’s time to discover, to be curious and to fall in love.

From Piedmont, with Love…