We are very proud to announce the new team member of Piedmont Delights! Let’s welcome Marika Pretti!

An inspiring young woman passionate about our territory and its gastronomic excellencies.

Here’s a short interview to get to know her better:

1) What’s your name and where are you from?

I’m Marika Pretti and I was born in Borgomanero, a town near Novara between Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore.

2) Tell us a few words about yourself

I have always been deeply attracted to everything that is food and gastronomic tradition. As a graduate specialized in the planning and management of tourism systems, I find that food is the most effective way to learn, understand and fully live a territory, a bond that I could intensify during the Summer School in Valorisation of cultural and food and wine resources, held in the Langhe.

A thesis in Destination branding for the territory of Alto Piemonte has combined my love for food with that for the territory and its improvements and promotion. In addition to gastronomy, my passion, which I love to combine with the previous one, is photography.

3) According to your studies and past experiences, what do you think about Alto Piemonte in terms of Food&Wine?

In my opinion, Alto Piemonte is a complex and lively treasure trove of peculiar gastronomic traditions that can unite the four provinces that constitute this territory and which at the same time differentiate it and make it unique in the Italian food and wine market. However, this kaleidoscope of taste still requires a great collective effort to emerge and become known in Italy and on the international scene.

4) Is the E-commerce the right tool to promote this area both in Italy and abroad?

I find that food, especially when supported with stories and rooted traditions, is an all-around experiential product, and to be properly valued, we must take advantage of a distribution through innovative channels, which are useful to promote it visually and in a capillary manner, reaching (and fascinating) as many people as possible.

5) Do you think that Piedmont Delights can empower small and local producers in a globalized market?

In my opinion, a project like Piedmont Delights offers stories and not mere products, which means giving the deserved attention to the people who are in the backstage of excellence. At the same time, it’s objective is to unite a fragmented production area; in other words, a winning choice to promote the small big local realities, especially in an increasingly globalized and overcrowded context in which it would be difficult (if not impossible) to emerge, intrigue and excite. It is a tribute to the supporters of the precious products of Alto Piemonte, and a gift for those who cannot enjoy this splendid territory every day.

We are very happy to have her on board! Stay tuned for her future articles!

Until next time,