The long-awaited and feared September has now arrived! The month for starting new projects and to return to the everyday life, but fortunately we are here to remove this veil of sadness and melancholy!

Here is our recipe to best overcome this period – the 5 products you must try this month!

Red Vermouth “Vandalo”


The first vermouth of Alto Piemonte that follows the oldest recipes of this fantastic Italian liqueur. Perfect to have it in these first days of autumn, to be enjoyed alone or as a base for cocktails that are now an icon. Impossible not to have it in your liqueur corner!

Truffle Salami


A winning pairing! The taste of salami goes perfectly with the unchallenged king of this period: the truffle! A unique and unmistakable flavor, it is to be served during a dinner or an aperitif with friends!

I know you’re already mouth watering, it’s normal, don’t worry!



September is also the time for risottos, dinner parties in good company to remember the summer just passed. But how to make the best risotto and amaze everyone?

The history of this ancient seed is rich in charm and tradition, thanks to the incredible work of rebirth made by the producers, we finally have on our tables the perfect rice to keep intact the culinary traditions of the Alto Piemonte, as well as being perfect for every type of risotto.

Colline Novaresi DOC Nebbiolo “Opera 32”


An aged Nebbiolo with an intense taste – it’s perfect to have during your autumn dinners and to pass unscathed the Sundays with relatives who come visit during this season 😉

Biella’s Maccagno raw milk

One of the most famous cheeses of the area, perfect for all palates thanks to its delicate but decisive taste.
In this case, it’s produced with raw milk, a gem that only Piedmont Delights can give you! Perfect to have as an aperitif, at dinner or as a seasoning for a good risotto (Yes, I’m still there), this cheese will always make you look great.

It’s all for this month! I’m sorry but now the summer nostalgia calls and the holiday photos must be organized

With love,