Of all the periods of the year, Christmas is undoubtedly the most awaited, not only by the youngest but also by the most passionate gourmets, eager to select the finest products to prepare the tables in the family. Let’s face it, part of Christmas is also its magical lunch, the delights of tradition, awaited as much as the snow on Christmas Eve or the gifts under the tree.

We have selected for you, five Piedmontese products you must have during your Christmas dinner (or lunch – it depends where you’re from) and that will stimulate your imagination and culinary inventiveness, a gift for your guests but also a tribute to our territory.

1. Lard with herbs


The Christmas table requires opulence. A tasty and versatile product such as lard is a must, especially the version flavoured with aromatic herbs. We suggest to try it with croutons of black bread or served with focaccia, but also wrapped around boiled chestnuts and local chestnut honey or, why not, as a casing for meats, shellfish or grilled tomini.

2. Red rice Sant’Eusebio


Not only the palate, but also the eye wants its part! As a first course with Christmas tones, rigorously from Alto Piemonte, red rice is the perfect ingredient. It’s ideal to combine it with goat’s tometta, crispy Pancetta Ossolana crumbs and fresh pomegranate grains for garnish.

3. Red onion mustard


We do not abandon the Christmas red, but neither the northern tradition of mustards, sweet-spicy delights that embellish the sumptuous roast meats of your festive lunch. The red onion mostarda, enriched with balsamic vinegar, is a perfect match also for the classic cheese tray. Onions, not blended but left in rings, will give a touch both creamy and delicately crispy to your dishes.

Perfect also as finger food of raw meat with a knife.

4. Red wine Boca DOC Bio


On the Christmas table, you must have a red wine. Boca DOC Bio is a perfect ally to bring out your dishes to the fullest, from the fat salami of the appetizer, to the risotto (remember that the rice dies in the wine!) Enriched by local cheeses, passing through the meats, also stuffed, as the classic capon. A clever combination of Nebbiolo and Vespolina offers a harmonious and elegant wine, with a garnet reflection, ideal for embellishing the glasses of your Christmas.

5. Panettone pears and chocolate


Every respectable Christmas dinner can only end with the king of the festive confectionery tradition: Panettone. A Biella variant of the classic Milan dessert, leavened for 72 hours, because beautiful things, like Christmas, are to be expected with religious patience and trepidation. Delicious in its variant with candied pears and chocolate chips, it will be the worthy conclusion of a successful lunch.

That’s all for our suggestions of the Piedmont products you must have on your Christmas table!

We hope you’ll spend a fantastic Christmas with your family and loved ones and we’d like to wish you a marvelous new year!

See you soon!

With Love,