Here we are, Christmas has passed and we’re back to our normal lives. As you can imagine, we feel all kind of sad for the holidays to end, so to fight the scary routine, we have prepared a list of 5 Piedmontese products (plus 1) to start off your January with a smile.

Here they are:

1. LA FUGASCINA – Al Vecchio Fornaio Pasticcere

In the Alto Piemonte, between important traditions of cheese and wines, there’s also that one of a local sweet. Its name is Fugascina and it is the traditional sweet of Mergozzo, a small city near Verbania. Historically prepared for the Saint Elizabeth’s feast the 2 July, it is a shortcrust pastry flavored with Marsala, a Sicilian sweet wine. This bakery has prepared this sweet cookie since 1957 with the same recipe of the previous owners, keeping alive this sweet tradition.

2. ITALIAN SALAMI WITH GORGONZOLA – Salumificio Romano Mainelli

Have you ever thought to eat two Italian typical products in a single bite like salami and gorgonzola? If it’s one of your desires, today is the moment to satisfy it. A historical Oleggio’s sausage factory thought to add some gorgonzola drops to the salami mixture. The result? A very particular product, that we suggest to consume in combination with strong red wine, like a Nebbiolo or a Vespolina.


In Mezzomerico, a small village in the province of Novara, there is the wine company Filadora. Between the six wines – four red, one white and one rose – there is the Nobilior, a 100 % Nebbiolo hand-harvested 24 months aged in oak barrels and 12 months in bottle. Its perfect combinations are game and red meats, mature cheeses and sausages, like the aforementioned Italian salami with gorgonzola.


There are some cheeses that are traditionally flavored with herbs and spices. They are called “Mortaràt” and its name derives from the mortar in which the spices were pounded. This cheese is one of these and it is similar to an oyster both for the shape and for the aspect. Like the other cheeses of this family, the crust must be consumed, because it gives a particular flavor to the cheese.
It’s perfect with strong wines, mustards, and baguettes.


In Fontaneto d’Agogna, in the province of Novara, the two owners of typical Trattoria thought to pack 30 years of dining experience. In 2017, the Gustamante laboratory was born, dedicated to produce slots of delights. One of these is a red onions mustard with balsamic vinegar, in which the onions aren’t blended. We suggest to consume with grilled meats and cheeses, like Mountain Oyster.

+1. London Dry Gin “Fulmine” – Glep Beverages

The last advice to start off your January is “alcoholic”
What’s better than enjoying your weekend nights with the new creation of Glep Beverages? After the Vermouth, the Bitter and the Herbal Liqueur, here comes “Fulmine”, the first gin made in Alto Piemonte.

The nose aromas are light and delicate, with citrus and pungent juniper notes. On the palate, it is smooth, dry but balanced.

Perfect for use in mixing (for example, in a classic Negroni or Gin Tonic) or we’d recommend to drink it as is. It is an excellent digestive.

So, did we help you to overcome the January sadness?

If the answer is no, you can always find it in our rich catalog!